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-deca continuous sept 1 8.00 a.m (38-1800-422)

 -double deca continuous sept 1, 8.00 a.m(76-3600-844)
- 3000 km ultra marathon  sept 1,h 10.00
-45consecutive marathons sept 1, h 10.00
-triple deca continuous  sept 1, 8.00 a.m- daily format
-1x30  sept 5, 8.00 a.m- daily format
-1x20  sept 5, 8.00 a.m- daily format
-30consecutive marathons sept 5, h 10.00
-20consecutive marathons sept 5, h 10.00
-double deca "split Blore" sept 5, 8.00 a.m

( 1x10 + deca continuous) 
- 2000 km ultra marathon sept 15, h 10.00

- 1600 km ultra marathon sept 20,h 10.00
-1x10  sept 21, 8.00 a.m- daily format
-deca non stop sept 21, 8.00 a.m
(athletes will swim,bike,run "full" distances; non stop)
-10 consecutive marathons sept 1, h 10.00
-1x5 sept 26, 8.00 a.m
-1x3 sept 27, 8.00 a.m
-1x2 sept 28, 8.00 a.m

- 1000 km ultra marathon sept 30, h 10.00
-single full distance (date chosen by athlete)



Start Line

Race headquarter is definitely choosen in Parco Le Ninfee, Via del Pilandro, 7, 25015 Desenzano del Garda BS.

Swimming will be in a 25 metres pool.

After swimming there will be a transfer to bike track, about 3,8 km. Continuous races will have another village in bike track, where athletes could sleep, have shower, kitchen, bathrooms. Daily athletes (1x5-1x10-1x20-1x30) after 180 km bike will go back in Parco Le ninfee for running.

Strava files and maps about bike and running track will be published soon.

Medical staff will be on athlete's village. Nearest Hospital is located less than 2 km from race headquarter.

Phisioterapy will be available on demand from 18 to 21 every day.

A standard medical certificate is necessary to join the race. Organization will send it to all athletes after they pay application fee.

Food and beverages

Food and beverages are free for all athletes. Support crew has to pay 20 euro daily for an all inclusive meal. Kitchen will be opened 24 hours daily.

Organization will provide tipical food for endurance races: pasta, rise, pizza, boiled potatoes, fried potatoes, vegetables, fresh and dried fruit, cakes, buiscuits, soups, cicken, meat, fish, legumes, candies, cereals, milk, tea, coffee, coke, fruit juices.

Special meals will be prepared for vegans and celiacs. For special requests and meals please contact organisation.


          BIKE TRACK ALL RACES            

          RUNNING TRACK            

strava5569216829733897959 (2).jpg
run 1 km.png

          TRANSFER SWIM TO BIKE TRACk 3,8 km            


          RACE HEADQUARTER          

run 1 km.png


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