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Entry Fee

To pay by bank draft, please write us

Then we’ll send you:

  • entry form
  • accomodation form
  • IUTA waiver

-1×5 ultra tri:   1250 euro

-1×10 ultra tri: 2500 euro

-1×20 ultra tri: 5000 euro

-1×30 ultra tri: 7000 euro 

-triple deca ultra continuous 9000 euro

-deca ultra continuous: 2500 euro

-double deca ultra continuous: 5000 euro

-deca non stop: 2500 euro

-double deca split blore: 5000 euro

-single full distance (solo race) 250 euro each day

45 Marathons in 45 Days Entry fee Euro 1800

30 Marathons in 30 Days Entry fee Euro 1200
20 Marathons in 20 Days Entry fee Euro 1000

10 Marathons in 10 days Entry fee Euro   500

Individual Marathons, any day available from 1 sept. to 15 oct 2024, entry fee 60 euro each

1000 km run – euro1200

1000 miles run – euro 1700

2000 km run – euro 2500

3000 km run – euro 3500

Registration Details

Due to the high demand expected overall, registration is now possible in a first round until 31 march 2024..

Every race will have just 15 starting place.

From 1 January 2023 all athletes could book a slot, paying just 250 euro.

With these money, athletes could held their starting number until 31 march 2024.

After that date we will ask to pay the total price of application fee, deducted of 250 euro.

When athlete will pay the 250 euro he/she will be put in the official starting list.

These 250 euro could be refounded 100% in any moment until 31 march 2024: when athlete will ask back money he/she will be removed from starting list.


Each registration request will be evaluated at the discretion of the organization.


  • cancellation by 31 March 2024, the entire amount received will be refunded to the athlete.

  • In case of certified illness (valid and official medical certificate sent until 31 may 2024), organization will refound 100% the athlete with an insurance in 180 days at least. The athlete could also decide to freeze the application fee for 2025 and 2026 editions. After 31 May, any refoud would be possible: we are sorry for that but organization still payed all for the race( location, media, communication, food, tents, etc).


1×10/1×20/1×30/deca continuous/double deca continuous finishers will have a special discount price of 10%.

This discount could not be added to EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT.


An athlete must have finished a minimum of one single long distance triathlon or an ultra triathlon race in his/her life.

Similar endurance competitions can also be recognized as qualifying events.

If you are not sure whether you are qualified for our race, please contact the race organizers at and tell us more about your sports career.


Many benefits are included in the entry fee. Our kitchen is open around the clock from start to finish and offers athletes hot meals, snacks and drinks as needed. In the supervisor zone, everyone has a camping site and access to electricity, WLAN, refrigerators and freezers. Our partner offers a great bike service, and massagers and physio will take care of the well-being of the athletes.


Each single athlete will have a tent where to sleep for free. This tent has 3/4 comfortable sleeping places.

The organization will not provide mattresses and sleeping bags.
Support crew will not be charged any cost for sleeping in the athlete’s tent.
The daily cost for the all-inclusive meal and drink service for each support crew/person is 20 euros.


An assessment of the situation regarding international travel rules and the outlook for September 2024 will be carried out at the end of August 2024.

Should the competition have to be postponed by one year at that time, the full amount already received will be refunded upon request. In the event that individual athletes are unable to participate in the event due to changes in travel regulations shortly before the event, we recommend to ensure your travel insurance covers this eventuality. In general, our regulations apply according to the waiver, which is accepted with the registration.

Any other cause should prevent the competitions from taking place, the organization will reimburse the athletes for the entire amount paid at the time.


At the time of the first payment, the organization will send the athletes a form of attestation of good health for participation in ultra triathlon events. This certificate must be completed by the athlete’s trusted doctor.

Athletes have to fill also a race waiver and IUTA Waiver (IUTA | Waiver (


Athletes are recommended to provide personal third-party liability insurance for damages caused to things or people. Insurance is also recommended that can cover any extraordinary medical expenses.

In application fee is included, for all athletes, a third-party liability insurance.


The entry fee includes the following services:

  • Meals: Sandwiches, soup and up to two hot meals per day, including salad and dessert.

  • The kitchen is open 24/h

  • 1-2 food stands on the track with water, other drinks, snacks and fruits (the range of food and drinks is depending on the weather).

  • Food and drinks for all athletes at the pre race briefing event including up to 1 accompanying persons per athlete.

  • Fully covered transition zone with refrigerators, freezers, warm showers and toilets nearby.

  • Electricity and Internet access (WLAN) in the supporter area.

  • Bicycle service on site or on request with pickup and delivery service.

  • Massage service (upon availability of massage therapists).

  • Illumination of the running track and supporter area during the night.

  • Start package with personalized starter shirt and goodies.

  • Finisher trophy, finisher shirt and other gifts.

  • Award ceremony and aperitif for athletes, supporters and relatives.


All races are part of the IUTA World Cup 2024. We accepts the official IUTA rules.

Our regulations are an addition to the IUTA rules.