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Newsletter n.7

Hello everybody, some updates about the event:

– continuous races (deca, DD, triple deca) will start 1 September. If some athletes will have problems with swimming and have to stop, they could jump in “Daily” races that will start 5 sept (1×30 and 1×20 and DD split Blore) ,1×10 and deca non stop (starts 21 sept) and 1×5 (starts 26 sept).

This change will be free of charge but any money will be refounded also if other races fee Is cheaper comparse continuous ones. That’s why anyway athletes will in the Village anyway and could sleep and eat paying the original application fee.

We are working hard to have a 50 metres pool with 10 lanes that Is just 3 km from the Park, and could let a Better swim to continuous racers. Final decision we will have in 3 weeks but we are faithful.

Media communication:

I officially ask to all athletes to mention our official social pages when they write a post on Facebook or Instagram.

This could give all the opportunity to have contacts with our sponsors, interviews, and more contacts.

Our social pages:

Ultra Triathlon Italy (@ultratriathlonitaly) • Foto e video di Instagram


Stay healty and have good trainings

Vincenzo Catalano

Newsletter n.5

Hello everybody!

we have:

– 13 starters registered for triple deca continuous

– 2 starters for double deca continuous

– 12 starters for deca continuous

No problems with “Daily” racers, that Will start from 5 sept, when all continuous racers will finish to swim.

We have 10 lanes in the pool. I can accept at least 3 athletes, to put 3 swimmers on each lane and to swim in a comfortable way.

3 athletes at all, no matters in wich kind of race (triple d continuous, dd continuous, deca continuous).

In respect to all athletes that have already payed all the starting fee or at leat a “deposit”, in my opinion a “registered” athlete is one that tranferred at least the deposit of 250 euro to reserve a place.

We remember that the deadline to pay all the application fee is 31 march.

After March 31st you have three options: 

1) pay the full amount 

2) ask for a refund of the 250 euros to leave your place to other athletes “continuous” in waiting list. 

3) agree on the payment of the registration, even until the end of August. 

But we need to know when we will collect the money from the athletes because we have many things to pay before the race starts. 

There is no problem with deferring payment, but we need to have firm dates.

A few more days or in hand changes little, we are flexible in this sense.

If someone needs much more time, this is not a problem to agree with me different deadline of payement.

My goal is to help athletes to come to the race. If they need more time to pay, I want to help anyone.

I am glad to announce that we will offer to all athletes mattress and sleeping bags: all these products are new. After the race, we hope to have them back for next editions!

Be hurry! About 6 months to the race!

Newsletter n.1

Race will take place in Parco Le Ninfee del Garda, via del Pilandro n.7, Desenzano del Garda, Brescia.

Here we’ll have the first big athletes village. After swimming athletes will do a 4 approx. transfer by bike to the bike track ( on website we put strava file).

Bike track is 7 km. Lights on the bike are necessary.

On the bike track, especially for “continuous” races, we’ll have a second athletes village, with tents, bathroom, kitchen, physyo and medical tents.

Daily races, after bike will go back to parco le ninfee, for the running, 1 km lap.

Parco Le ninfee will have wifi, caravan area with electricity and water, holes where to put caravan white and dark water.

The official calendar with exact dates will be issued the 1 january, provisional ones are on website

RACES | Triplo Deca Ultra (

We remember that:

– we provide comfortable 3 persons tent to all athlete including in the application fee

– we don’t give mattress and sleeping bags

– including in the price of application fee we include 1 day of stay before the race and 1 after the athlete will finish the race

– if someone want to arrive earlier or go back earlier, have to communicate to organization (official check in and check out form will be send at the end of 2023 with official application form). More day in athletes village (both in tent than in caravan/roulotte) have a cost of 20 euro/person. In this price is included also non stop food in our kitchen open h 24.

– in official entry form you have to indicate day of arrival and day of departure

– for the end of 2023 we’ll send anyway official affiliate hotels, apartments and b&b with special prices for athletes joining our event.

We also remember:


A discount of 10% will be applied if application fee will be payed TOTALLY until 31 december 2023.


1×10/1×20/1×30/deca continuous/double deca continuous finishers will have a special discount price of 10%.

This discount could not be added to EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT.

We also introduce 4 ultra marathons:

1000 km

1600 km

2000 km

3000 km

For details look here:

Ultra Marathons “What is the limit?” | Triplo Deca Ultra (

For who has not register yes…be hurry!

Stay healty!

What is the limit?

Newsletter n.2

Hello Everybody,

in order to help all athletes to fix their vacation and free days from job, we fix earlier official dates for the events.

The main important change is that “continuous” race will start together 1 sept 2024(triple cont, dd cont, deca cont).

1×20 and 1 x30 will start 5 sept, 1×10 will start

Application fee: we remember that deca finisher, 1×10,1×20,1×30, double deca finisher will have a discount of 10% in all races they decided to take part.

For the “rookies”, to have a 10% of discounted price, they could pay application fee for 31 dec 2023.

Who will arrive by plane: free pick up airport, Milan or Verona. Verona is very close to race site, about 20 minutes. We highly recommended to fly there.

In January we’ll send booking form (day arrival, day departure in athletes village) where who will arrive by plane will write arrival date, number of flight.

In booking form, you will write also how many support you will have with you.

Stay healthy!

Vincenzo Catalano


Hello everybody,

Invoices about your payment will be issued after 31 march.

That’s because:

– we’ll wait final payments to send 1 invoice /each athlete. This invoice will include the first payment (most of you pay 250 to book the place, someone wanted to pay more, someone payed all amount to have the early bird discount).

Some updates about ultra triathlon Italy:

– 9 athletes signed for deca continuous; 6 places available

– 7 athletes signed for triple deca continuous, 8 places available

– 4 athletes signed for double deca continuous, 11 places available

– 12 athletes signed for Daily races (1×30, 1×20, 1×10, 1×5, double deca split Blore…) 8 places available

We remember all that:

– deca, double deca, 1×10, 1×20 finisher has a 10% discount on the application fee

– all others could have the 10% with a total payment until 31/12/2023

For payments until 31/12/2023 use this bank account:

Account Holder name: Vincenzo Catalano

Iban : IT87N36772223000EM002142973

Bic swift : HYEEIT22XXX

From 1 January 2024( payement in euro) , please use this bank account for payments:

Account Holder Name: What is the limit? – associazione sportiva dilettantistica

IBAN: IT65 U360 9201 6007 6227 4042 287


From 1 January 2024( payment other values no euro) , please use this bank account for payments:

Account Holder Name: What is the limit? – associazione sportiva dilettantistica

IBAN: IT65 U360 9201 6007 6227 4042 287


In the attached file you will find the application form and housing booking form.

We remember that athletes could arrive 1 day before the beginning of the race they are signed for, any extra fee will be applied.

Athletes could stay in the athletes village (tent or caravan/van) 1 day after their race time limit, free of charge.

Support/crew: 20 euro daily for non stop food in our village. This money could be paid directly here by cash or card.

Fill up these files and give them back for 30 june 2024.


For any questions, contact me by email or whatsapp +393802383911

Merry Christmas and HAPPY ULTRA YEAR to everybody!

Vincenzo Catalano


Hello Everybody,

Organization Is working hard for all of you.

Please read carefully each newsletter in order not making me unuseless questions, time Is preciuos

– we’ll have professionals physiotherapist and massage for the athletes.

All ultra triathletes and ultra runners will have 1 massage for free every Day.

Please ask for the massage only if necessary because you will be many and time Is preciuos for everybody.

This service will be available h 24. We’ll have a booking place where athletes or supports could book the massage service every day. Our physiotherapist could also apply physiotherapist tape for free to all athletes. Ask for this service just for real need and not because having a tape Is a kind of fashion

– in attached file there Is a offer for sleeping. This hotel Is the closest to race area. When this hotel will be full, we’ll give you another one. We remember that all athletes could arrive 30 august and could sleep in the tents or their van/caravan.

For races that Will start later, athletes could arrive 1 day before their race.

In the file “booking accomodation” you have to send me for June you could fill your arrival date.

– insurance. Very important! All athletes will have two insurances provided by my organization. The first will cover any damnage you could cause to things, persons, cars or others during the race. For example, if you don’t respect some streets signals and any car crash because of your negligence, you are covered. I am an athlete, I could know that maybe, being tired and unsleep, our capacity of reaction Is bad.

The second insurance is for you: if you will have an accidenti, an injury etc.

We remember that in Italy, all people have not to pay in case of they need to stay in hospital also for long period.

PLEASE, all registered athletes ( who payed 250 euro or more) have to send me in a private email:

Name and surname

Place and date of birthday

Complete address

I Need as soon these dates to start to sign you in the insurances data base.

Please do It as soon in order to help me.

That’s all for the Moment!

Stay healthy

Vincenzo Catalano